Whoredom Rife

Short bio:
When speaking of Norwegian Black Metal, one cannot deny the impact of the rising upstarts of WOREDOM RIFE! The band has successfully toured all over Europe and the States, and has quickly become a favorite amongst audiences worldwide. Crushing, aggressive, traditional Norwegian Black Metal from Nidaros, Norway. The band features members whose actively been playing in well-known Black Metal bands since the early 90ies, although concealed that fact to a certain extent due to the fact WHOREDOM RIFE should stand on its own. With three highly acclaimed albums released since 2016, the band is a true force to reckon with.

If you miss the glory of the old days, it’s safe to say this is one of today’s torchbearers of what once was.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 2004
Country: Norway
Current label: Terratur Possessions
Genre: Black Metal

Full length releases:
– Dommedagskvad (2017)
– Nid – Hymner av hat (2018)
– Winds of Wrath (2021)

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Upcoming Whoredom Rife shows

07-10-2023Whoredom RifeNordfestSundsvallSweden
02-12-2023Whoredom RifeUnholy CongregationOudenaardeBelgium
09-02-2024Whoredom RifeAnthem Of The Awakened - RoskildeRoskildeDenmark
10-02-2024Whoredom RifeAnthem Of The Awakened - FredericiaFredericiaDenmark

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