Whiskey Ritual

Short bio:
Whiskey Ritual born in Italy in 2008 with the aim to create an old
school black metal band rotten, dirty and violent, with no

First line up consist of Dorian Bones, Plague, A. and Asher KNR.

First demo was released in 2009 being called “Black ‘n’ Roll”, then
they immediately return to the studio to record “In Goat we Trust” and
start playing gigs in Italy and abroad.

Next year they release “A tribute to GG Allin”, a split EP with
Forgotten Tomb, immediately sold out, which define their sound and
attitude even more.

After 10 years, some lineup changes and 2 more full lengths
(Narconomicon in 2012 and Blow With the Devil in 2015) they release
their most acclaimed album “Black Metal Ultras” in 2019: the band
stands out for their ferocious live acts where the barriers between
the audience and the band are broken, leaving only broken bottles and
a trail of destruction behind them.

In 2022 their new album see the light: with “KINGS” the band remain
true to itself giving birth to 9 tracks of dirty, fast black metal
with a punk attitude; the sound is renewed thanks to the mixing and
mastering process of Tore Stjerna from Necromorbus studio in Sweden.

In 2023 Whiskey Ritual are ready to rage across Europe in their next
tour: from the streets, to the stadium and now to the throne.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since:
Country: Italy
Current label: 
Genre: Black ‘n’ Roll

Full length releases:
– In Goat We Trust (2010)
– Narconomicon (2012)
– Blow with the Devil (2015)
– Black Metal Ultras (2019)
– Kings (2022)

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Upcoming shows

28-10-2023Whiskey RitualTotal Satan Metal Festival TorinoItaly
08-12-2023Whiskey RitualEindhoven Metal MeetingEindhovenThe Netherlands

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