Short bio:
With the intention of creating supreme black metal art, this quintet ascended from the catacombs of Vienna, Austria in 2016 and consists of experienced individuals exclusively. The brand new 2022 album “Fragment : Totenruhe” will be their second strike under the banner of AOP records and a worthy successor to the 2020 album “Fragment : Erhabenheit”. Marking a total number of four releases since the founding days, Theotoxin stands for longevity, continuity and ongoing advancement.

Theotoxin is a guarantor for intense live performances and delivers an unprecedented show with deep yet aggressive atmosphere. With plenty of live appearances and a tour through Europe accomplished so far, the band is eager to spread their black chants even further.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 2016
Country: Austria
Current label: AOP Records
Genre: Black Metal

Full length releases:
– Atramentvm (2017)
– Consilivm (2018)
– Erhabenheit (2020)
– Totenruhe (2022)

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Upcoming shows

17-06-2023TheotoxinHole In The SvnKasselGermany
26-08-2023TheotoxinMetal Madness Festival SusiceCzech Republic
04-11-2023TheotoxinTranscending Visions FestGrazAustria
07-12-2023TheotoxinLive Music HallWeiherGermany

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