The Vision Bleak

The Vision Bleak perform Horror Metal in perfection. When Ulf TheodorSchwadorf (Empyrium) and Allen B. Konstanz (Nox Mortis) founded theband back in 2000, they didn’t suspect that their common project wouldsoon develop a larger-than-life independent existence. The duo’stheatrical and dark orchestral Metal knows no boundaries when it comesto opulence: Doom and Death, strings and operatic vocals, horror-moviesoundtracks, and dark fiction all feed a kind of music that is ‘Gothic’ inthe truest sense of the word. On each of their albums thus far,Schwadorf and Konstanz have been fathoming different dimensions ofhorror: from the tribute to various horror classics on “The Deathship HasA New Captain” (2004) via the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired concept album”Carpathia–A Dramatic Poem” (2005) and the more straight-forwardand heavier “The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey” (2007) to the musical andconceptional quintessence of “SetSail To Mystery ” and “Witching Hour”2013. 2016 followed “The Unknown”. The Vision Bleak create a totalwork of art in image and sound that is tailor-made to be brought onstage.


Upcoming The Vision Bleak shows

05-04-2024The Vision BleakRagnaroek FestivalLichtenfelsGermany
26-04-2024The Vision BleakWalpurgisnachtBerlin Germany

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