Suicidal Angels

Short bio:
Greece’s Suicidal Angels emerged in 2001 with a sound that was built from the bedrock of classic ’80s Bay Area thrash. Led by guitarist and vocalist Nick Melissourgos, who has been the group’s sole constant member throughout the years, the band’s neck-snapping sonic attack has yielded a bevy of acclaimed studio albums, with highlights arriving via 2012’s Bloodbath, 2019’s Years of Aggression, and 2024’s Profane Player.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 2001
Country: Greece
Current label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Thrash Metal

Full length releases:
– Eternal Domination (2007)
– Sanctify the Darkness (2009)
– Dead Again (2010)
– Bloodbath (2012)
– Divide and Conquer (2014)
– Division of Blood (2016)
– Years of Aggression (2019)
– Profane Prayer (2024)

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