Short bio:
Slaughterday has already delighted many Death Metal fans with their relentless sound and spirited live performance, which they have impressively proved at several festivals like Summer Breeze, Metal Bash, Grind The Nazi Scum, Coast Rock Festival, Braincrusher Festival, Morbid Catacombs, Ear Terror Festival, Unholy Metal Mayhem and many more. The new album “Ancient Death Triumph” evolves their distinctive trademarks to their unique blend of ruthless Old Death Metal featuring songs on the same high and authentic level as the classics of the early days of Death Metal like “Mental Funeral”, “From Beyond” and “Leprosy”.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 2013
Country: Germany
Current label: FDA Records
Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Full length releases:
– Nightmare Vortex (2013)
– Laws of the Occult (2016)
– Ancient Death Triumph (2020)

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Upcoming Slaughterday shows

07-10-2023SlaughterdayBambi GaloreHamburgGermany
27-10-2023SlaughterdayDb'sUtrechtThe Netherlands
28-10-2023SlaughterdayHedonZwolleThe Netherlands
02-03-2024SlaughterdayGrowl BowlMünchenGermany
26-07-2024SlaughterdayBurning Q FestivalFreißenbüttelGermany

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