Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 1989
Country: Sweden
Current label: Century Media Records
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Full length releases:
-The Nocturnal Silence (1993)
-Darkside (1997)
-The Third Antichrist (1999)
-Bloodhymns (2002)
-Hrimthursum (2006)
-Death To All (2009)
-Womb of Lilithu (2013)
-Mark of the Necrogram (2018)

Short bio: Forming nearly thirty years ago in Sweden, Necrophobic fast became one of the leading purveyors of blackened death metal with dark sounds and razor sharp riffs. 2018s Mark of the Necrogram served to solidify their stature within the scene with a record that was widely well received and laced with dynamism.

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Upcoming shows

15/12/2018NecrophobicEindhoven Metal MeetingEindhovenNetherlands
15/02/2019NecrophobicMOD clubSaint PetersburgRussia
16/02/2019NecrophobicZil ArenaMosocwRussia
02/03/2019NecrophobicHouse of MetalUmeaSweden
20/04/2019NecrophobicDark Easter Metal MeetingMünchenGermany
11/05/2019NecrophobicVienna Metal MeetingViennaAustria
28/06/2019NecrophobicProtzen Open AirProtzenGermany
20/07/2019NecrophobicGothoom Open AirZarnovicaSlovakia