Impaled Nazarene

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Impaled Nazarene have long been at the forefront of the Finnish black metal scene that they call home and over the twenty-eight years the band has been active they have consistently released excellent records. Choosing to eschew the trends associated with black metal by not wearing corpse paint and incorporating punk aesthetics into their sound, Impaled Nazarene are happy being outside the genre that birthed them.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 1990
Country: Finland
Current label: Osmose Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Full length releases:
-Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz… (1993)
-Ugra-Karma (1993)
-Suomi Finland Perkele (1994)
-Latex Cult (1996)
-Rapture (1998)
-Nihil (2000)
-Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace (2001)
-All That You Fear (2003)
-Pro Patria Finlandia (2006)
-Manifest (2007)
-Vigorous and Liberating Death (2014)
-Road To Octagon (2019)
-Eight Headed Serpent (2021)

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Upcoming Impaled Nazarene shows

13-07-2024Impaled NazareneIn Flammen Open AirTorgauGermany
10-08-2024Impaled NazareneBrutal AssaultJaromerCzech Republic
14-12-2024Impaled NazareneEindhoven Metal MeetingEindhovenThe Netherlands

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