Hour Of Penance

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Hour of Penance have been on a path of technical destruction since forming in Italy in 1999. Their output has been consistently critically acclaimed and the band have toured extensively with their live show bringing the fire of their records to the world stage.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 1999
Country: Italy
Current label: Prosthetic Records
Genre: Technical/Brutal Death Metal
Full length releases:
-Disturbance (2003)
-Pageantry for Martyrs (2005)
-The Vile Conception (2008)
-Paradogma (2010)
-Sedition (2012)
-Regicide (2014)
-Cast The First Stone (2017)

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Upcoming Hour of Penance shows

31-05-2024Hour of PenanceCentrale Rock PubErbaItaly
01-06-2024Hour of PenanceGrabbenachtSchriesheimGermany
30-10-2024Hour of PenanceUploadBarcelonaSpain
31-10-2024Hour of PenanceSala UtopiaZaragozaSpain
01-11-2024Hour of PenanceGroovePortugaleteSpain
02-11-2024Hour of PenanceSala GongOviedoSpain
03-11-2024Hour of PenanceSala SilikonaMadridSpain
13-12-2024Hour of PenanceEindhoven Metal MeetingEindhovenThe Netherlands

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