Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 1993
Country: Belgium
Current label: Agonia Records
Genre: Black Metal
Full length releases:
-Prophecies of Pagan Fire (1995)
-The Apocalypse Manifesto (1999)
-Armoured Bestial Hell (2001)
-Carnage in Worlds Beyond (2002)
-XES Haereticum (2004)
-Tetra Karcist (2007)
-Pentagrammaton (2010)
-Obsidium (2012)
-Sovereigns (2014)

Short bio: Enthroned’s time on this earth has been coloured by line-up shifts, stylistic changes and founding member’s Cernunnos’ suicide. Continuing the legacy left by Cernunnos has led the Belgian band through a twenty five year career incorporating Satanism and the occult into their black metal sound.

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Upcoming shows

20-07-2019EnthronedEnter the Eternal FireVolyneCzech Republic
02-11-2019EnthronedJH CommaBruggeBelgium
02-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteViper RoomViennaAustria
03-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteClub SeilerstrasseZwickauGermany
04-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteHedonZwolleThe Netherlands
05-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteP60AmstelveenThe Netherlands
06-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteThe Dome Tuffnell ParkLondonUnited Kingdom
07-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteAlbert'sNottinghamUnited Kingdom
08-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CarontePetit BainParisFrance
09-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteZappaAntwerpBelgium
10-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteMS Connexion ComplexMannheimGermany
11-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteZwischenbauRostockGermany
12-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteNuke ClubBerlinGermany