Through the entire creation Empyrium runs like a thread through string: the love of nature, tragedy and romance. Empyrium have already combined acoustic guitar and transverse flute in their romantic, dark metal compositions on their first albums ‘A wintersunset’ and ‘Songs of moors & Misty fields’ in order to lend a ‘more natural’ touch and to achieve their vision to a better depth. ‘Songs of moors & Misty fields’ already perfects this style hence why a new form of the feeling had to be found. ‘

The radical but necessary step to a completely acoustic instrumentation is finally carried out. with ‘Where at night the wood grouse plays’. Otherwise it cannot be claimed as authentic. The result was dark and idyllic songs that in combination with bombastic male voice choirs deliver a unique sound.

‘Weiland’ portrays the substance of Empyrium. Furthermore played acoustically it combines the atmospheric suspense of the first two albums (e.g. ‘Kein Hirtenfeuer glimmt mehr’, ‘Nebel’). The musical spectrum of the project is enriched through the re-integration of drums and the introduction of instruments such as the viola, violin, bassoon or Mellotron so there is also lots to discover for those who already know Empyrium.

The album devotes itself entirely to natural mysticism. In its three chapters – Marsh, forest and water – Empyrium portray their view on nature in romantic and legendary ways.

‘Weiland’ will be Empyriums last album that implements the idea of the project in the best possible way. It says everything about this topic that Empyrium have to say to you.


Upcoming shows

11-09-2021EmpyriumProphecy festBalveGermany
27-05-2022EmpyriumEventhall Airport ObertraublingRegensburgGermany
28-05-2022EmpyriumDark Troll FestBornstedtGermany
29-05-2022EmpyriumLive Music HallMörlenbachGermany