Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 1988
Country: Germany
Current label: Metal Blade
Genre: Black Thrash Metal
Full length releases:
-A Touch of Medieval Darkness (1996)
-Hellfire’s Dominion (1998)
-Tyrants of the Netherworld (2000)
-Divine Blasphemies (2002)
-Angelwhore (2005)
-Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate (2007)
-The Arts of Destruction (2012)
-The Oath of an Iron Ritual (2016)

Short bio: Desaster’s history is going back to the year 1988 when two young Metal- possessed maniacs wanted to follow the path of bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER or DESTRUCTION (whose song ‘Total Desaster” gave the band its name) – to play some fucking Black Metal without compromises was their aim.

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Upcoming shows

16-11-2019DesasterNovember Weekend Fest ZaragozaSpain
01-12-2019DesasterUnderworldLondonUnited Kingdom
30-05-2020DesasterMetal EastCharkivUkraine