Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 2011
Country: Italy
Current label: Vàn Records
Genre: Doom/Stoner Metal
Full length releases:
-Ascension (2012)
-Church of Shamanic Goetia (2014)
-YONI (2017)

Short bio: Taking stoner metal into the abyss, Italian’s Caronte create music that is cloaked in smoke and inspired by black masses, sex, alcohol and drugs. Hypnotic and hazy, the band use their lyrics to speak of the esoteric and in doing so invite you into a trip to the outer limits.

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Upcoming shows

02-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteViper RoomViennaAustria
03-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteClub SeilerstrasseZwickauGermany
04-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteHedonZwolleThe Netherlands
05-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteP60AmstelveenThe Netherlands
06-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteThe Dome Tuffnell ParkLondonUnited Kingdom
07-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteAlbert'sNottinghamUnited Kingdom
08-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CarontePetit BainParisFrance
09-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteZappaAntwerpBelgium
10-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteMS Connexion ComplexMannheimGermany
11-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteZwischenbauRostockGermany
12-01-2020Enthroned / Schammasch / CaronteNuke ClubBerlinGermany