Blaze Of Perdition

Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 2007
Country: Poland
Current label: Agonia Records
Genre: Black Metal
Full length releases:
-Towards the Blaze of Perdition (2010)
-The Hierophant (2011)
-Near Death Revelations (2015)
-Conscious Darkness (2017)

Short bio: Blaze of Perdition was founded in 2007 by the guitarist XCIII and started its activity by releasing a split CD „In the Void and Serpent, the Spirit is One” with the russian band Pseudogod. The band’s line-up changed numerous times over the years, however XCIII and Sonneillon remained the source of all musical and conceptual content. November 2nd 2013 turned out to be fatal as the band’s bassist died in a car crash on tour and the vocalist Sonneillon became unable to participate in live activities due to his serious injuries, however remained important in the band’s creative process and responsible for the studio vocal recordings, lyrics, graphic design as well as contact with the media. Blaze of Perdition recorded four full-length albums and is currently working on the fifth one.

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Upcoming shows

19-07-2019Blaze Of PerditionEnter the Eternal FireVolyneCzech Republic
12-10-2019Blaze Of PerditionBlack Waves FestivalJarocin, KaliszPoland
27-11-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornDurer KertBudapestHungary
29-11-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornMajestic Music ClubBratislavaSlovakia
30-11-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornFOAD FestKrakowPoland
01-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornHellraiserLeipzigGermany
02-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornMarkthalleHamburgGermany
03-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornGebr. De NobelLeidenThe Netherlands
04-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornHole In The SvnKasselGermany
05-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornMS Connexion ComplexMannheimGermany
06-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornSommercasinoBaselSwitzerland
07-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornCelebrare NoctemWelsAustria
08-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornHelveteOberhausenGermany
09-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornPetit BainParisFrance
10-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornUnderworldLondonUnited Kingdom
11-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornZappaAntwerpBelgium
12-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornEffenaarEindhovenThe Netherlands
13-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornDe Mortem et DiabolumBerlinGermany
14-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornU BazylaPoznanPoland
15-12-2019Dødheimsgard / Bölzer / Blaze of Perdition / MatterhornMerry ChristlessWarsawPoland