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Formed in the Netherlands in 1987, Asphyx have always been one of death metal’s most ruthlessly idiosyncratic bands. With a sound that draws from the rawest of materials, they have skilfully blended fast ‘n’ furious extremity with some of the most claustrophobic, suppurating slow-motion doom ever committed to tape. Opening their impeccable account with 1991’s stone cold classic The Rack, Asphyx have never wavered from their singular
vision, delivering a series of legendary albums that have always been considerably heavier than everything else around.

After an extended hiatus begun at the dawn of the millennium, Asphyx reunited in 2007 and demonstrated a newfound passion for the art of doom-laden death metal. With talismanic vocalist Martin van Drunen leading the charge, the Dutchmen have released a trio of universally acclaimed records – Death…The Brutal Way (2009), Deathhammer (2012) and Incoming Death (2016) – while further cementing their reputation as one of the most riotous and explosive bands in the metal underground. Coalescing around a stable line-up for the first time in many years, the Asphyx of 2021 is a finely-honed and fired-up beast, ready to decimate the competition and bludgeon the rest of us with riff after gruesome riff.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 1987
Country: Netherlands
Current label: Century Media Records
Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Full length releases:
-The Rack (1991)
-Last One On Earth (1992)
-Asphyx (1994)
-God Cries (1996)
-Embrace The Death (1996)
-On The Wings Of Inferno (2000)
-Death…The Brutal Way (2009)
-Deathhammer (2012)
-Incoming Death (2016)
-Necroceros (2021)

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Upcoming Asphyx shows

09-12-2023AsphyxAlte SpinnereiGlauchauGermany
06-01-2024AsphyxMeh Suff WinterfestZürichSwitzerland
20-01-2024AsphyxRock Klub IronKrosnoPoland
23-03-2024AsphyxBraincrusher in HellHirschaidGermany
13-04-2024AsphyxBolwerkSneekThe Netherlands
31-05-2024AsphyxMise Open AirBuessfeldGermany
08-06-2024AsphyxMystic FestivalGdanskPoland
17-08-2024AsphyxSummer BreezeDinkelsbühlGermany
11-10-2024AsphyxHarnbarg MetalfestHardenbergThe Netherlands

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