Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 1987
Country: Netherlands
Current label: Century Media Records
Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Full length releases:
-The Rack (1991)
-Last One On Earth (1992)
-Asphyx (1994)
-God Cries (1996)
-Embrace The Death (1996)
-On The Wings Of Inferno (2000)
-Death…The Brutal Way (2009)
-Deathhammer (2012)
-Incoming Death (2016)

Short bio: Being active for over thirty years hasn’t dulled Asphyx’s desire to create aggressive and powerful music. Weaving death metal and doom into devastating textures, the Dutch masters impress both on record and on stage and in frontman Martin van Drunen they have a terrifying voice.

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Upcoming shows

30-07-2021AsphyxVagos Metal FestVagosPortugal
12-08-2021AsphyxBrutal AssaultJaromerCzech Republic
13-08-2021AsphyxParty SanSchlotheimGermany
28-08-2021AsphyxNeuborn Open AirWörrstadtGermany
04-09-2021AsphyxKill-Town DeathfestCopenhagenDenmark
09-09-2021AsphyxSummer Dying LoudLodzPoland
10-09-2021AsphyxMeh Suff FestHüttikonSwitzerland
25-09-2021AsphyxHaus der KulturenGöttingenGermany
16-10-2021AsphyxSublime Terror FestLondonUnited Kingdom
20-11-2021AsphyxMass DeathtructionLouvain-la-NeuveBelgium
29-01-2022AsphyxMau ClubRostockGermany
12-03-2022AsphyxC. C. ValdefierroZaragozaSpain
16-04-2022AsphyxInferno Metal Festival NorwayOsloNorway
06-05-2022AsphyxCourts of Chaos FestivalPlozévetFrance