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Calling the Netherlands home but featuring members from across the globe, Asagraum are taking aspects of the original black metal blueprint and filtering the sounds through psychedelic influences ensuring their music sounds vital at all times.


Booking territory: Europe
Active since: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Current label: Edged Circle Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Full length releases:
-Potestas Magicum Diaboli (2017)

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Upcoming Asagraum shows

01-04-2023AsagraumLe Clef St Germain en LayeFrance
30-04-2023AsagraumWalpurgisnachtBerlin Germany
14-07-2023AsagraumForest Fest Open AirChevenezSwitzerland
29-07-2023AsagraumStonehengeSteenwijkThe Netherlands
11-08-2023AsagraumHellsinki Metal Festival HelsinkiFinland
26-08-2023AsagraumHellbotn MetalfestKolbotnNorway
30-09-2023AsagraumClub Live & LoudSofiaBulgaria

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