To all Metal fans, bands, bookers, promoters and possible sponsors, this is a public statement & WARNING:

Do NOT work with the Kiev based Dmitry Hlevinsky / Khlevinskyi / Sergiyovich (or Dimitry, Dmitro, Dima), sometimes also crawling around in the Polish area of Krakow.


He is the owner of Global Promotions / Global East bookings in Kiev and also the criminal mind behind the Carpathian Alliance festival, held last year in a nice town near Lviv, and this year planning the festival again from 29th till 31st July 2016 in Kiev.

As a long time friend and business partner he asked me last year to get financielly involved in his 2015 Carpathian Alliance project. This by investing a large amount of money into this project, as due to inflation Dima could not finance it by himself anymore. In return half of all the income from tickets, parking, camping, food & drink sales would be my share. But till today there is not one single sign of any payment or even the intention to do so.
He even just sent me an e-mail and wished me good luck getting the money back.

This means bands like Moonspell, Septicflesh, Marduk, Bodyfarm and many others have been paid with my money last year, same for their flights and other services.

My Kiev based lawyer and I meanwhile went to court, and now it’s official: Dima has been charged guilty and must pay back what he has stolen.
Also he is guilty of scam according Ukrainian law.

So this is a huge warning to everyone in the Metal business: Do not invest your money into any of his projects, as Dima Hlevinsky is a thief, and a huge shame for the great Ukrainian Metal scene.

Roman Alexander Hödl
Owner of District 19 booking & management

PS: In case someone is interested in the official documents that proof the above, please feel free to contact me via Facebook

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