District 19 is an intermediary between performing artists and the organizing party of public events. Occasionally District 19 also provides booking and/or logistic services to other companies and might act on their behalf if previously agreed on.

District 19 is a booking agent and not a local promoter.

District 19 is never liable for any claims regarding the actual production of an event and/or its financial transactions. This includes charges related to transport, equipment failure, loss, theft and any kind of personal damages, vandalism, molestation etc. from band members, crew members, (security)staff or visitors of an event.

Organising parties such as venues, festivals or third parties who work with District 19 are liable for their own public events including all financial consequences. Business partners have to make sure that they have obtained all necessary permits and licences to organize a public event. Organising parties confirm to be properly insured against claims (including third-party-risks) and are obliged to submit all applicable taxes and author’s rights to the respective institutions.

The local promoter must provide a secure building or festival area including clean facilities, a well-built stage of proper size, a secured backstage, a professional lights & sound system, skilled staff and sufficient security and first aid personnel to warrant a safe and pleasant event.

As the services of District 19 are restricted to mediation services only, we also are not financially liable for any kind of cancellation. In case of cancellation the local promoter is free to decide how and when tickets will be refunded.

If you intend to visit an event published on our website please check the information on the local promoter’s website before going! For questions about tickets, time schedules, accreditation and possible refunds please contact the local promoter directly.

District 19 is not liable for the content of third parties websites. In case someone should feel offended by any content on this website, please report and we will re-check the URL.

All information on this website is subject to changes.