VIENNA METAL MEETING 2018: First bands announced!

We just announced the first bands for VIENNA METAL MEETING!

SATURDAY 12th MAY 2018 @ Arena – Vienna – Austria


TIAMAT (SE), performing a mixed “Clouds” and “Wildhoney” set!








DISTILLATOR unleash new live video

Dutch thrashers DISTILLATOR are unleashing a new live video for the song ‘Mechanized Existence’, taken from their new album ‘Summoning the Malicious’, which is out now via Empire Records. Play it loud & buy the full album here!


DOOL joins District-19!

Dark rockers DOOL are teaming up with District 19 for exclusive European bookings (excl. The Netherlands). The renowned Dutch band released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Here Now, There Then’ earlier this year via Prophecy Records. Get in touch with us for more information!

Lead singer Ryanne van Dorst (Ella Bandita) commented: “We are very excited to continue our future endeavors together with District 19. Roman has been passionately following us for the last year, and in more than one way we feel that we are speaking the same language. Onward to infinity.”

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

Something’s stirring underneath the industrial fumes of Rotterdam. Amidst the rancid rats, malodorant traffic and greasy trays of manufactured meat, vast masses of unobtained, raw energy flow about freely. From the emptiness which arose from the omnipresence of materialism and technology, something new can manifest in its wake. Turning their backs to the metropole’s mass-identity and urban-individual, the unavoidable birth of DOOL has taken place.

DOOL wanders through dim streets, out of the city – into the wild. Carried by infinite, sometimes hypnotizing guitar parts, the music takes the listener from dark caves, inhabited by ancient ghosts (“Oweynagat”), to the deep abysses of a broken heart (“Death of Love”). At times sensual and teasing, like a child molester holding a bag of candy on a playground (“Words on Paper”), at other times imposing and ominous, in the sinister, 10 minute-long epic “Vantablack”.

The band, consisting of singer/guitarist Ryanne van Dorst (Elle Bandita, Bullerslug), Micha Haring (The Devil’s Blood, The Hands) on drums, Job van de Zande (The Devil’s Blood, Malkovich) on bass, Reinier Vermeulen (The New Media) on guitar and Nick Polak (Gold) on guitar, are aggressive as well as dynamic, alternating shreds of dark rock, gothic pop, as well as bits of psychedelic metal in an ever surprising manner. Audibly influenced by a wide range of bands and genres, DOOL bends their musical nurture to their own creation, while appraising those who came before them.

All those who wander are DOOL.


Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017

The line-up for the upcoming Eindhoven Metal Meeting looks great again!

1st of August we will announce 1 more band, which old school Metalheads will appreciate for sure.

Tickets and info, please check:




Harakiri For The Sky signs with District 19!

Austrian post black metal cultists HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY have inked a deal with District 19 for exclusive European booking! Needless to say that we’re absolutely thrilled to work with this highly talented upcoming band. Expect to see them on a stage near you soon!

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY commented: “We are happy to announce our cooperation with the guys of District 19, who we both value on a professional aswell as on a personal level. We are highly confident and motivated that this collaboration will open many new opportunities for the band and make it possible to present our music to as many of our fans as possible.”


Wederganger joins forces with District 19

District 19 is proud to represent Wederganger as exclusive European agent. Get in touch for more information!

WEDERGANGER commented: “It pleases WEDERGANGER to hereby announce the cooperation with DISTRICT 19 for all European conjurations.”

“Wederganger was formed in Arnhem, Gelderland, by Alfschijn, MJWW, and Botmuyl in 2013. The Dutch word “wederganger” translates as “one who walks again” (literally “again-walker”) and refers to an undead returning to the world of the living, a revenant. WEDERGANGER consists of a core of three founding members (Alfschijn, Botmuyl, MJWW) and several session members. Music and lyrics (in Dutch) are inspired by Germanic eschatology and Gueldrian folklore dealing with spirits, undeath and horror. WEDERGANGER’s style is characterized by the use of both screams and chants, and dissonant chords.”


District 19 supports the real underground and is excited to announce the Continental Crucifixion tour of ARCHGOAT / BÖLZER / SVARTIDAUDI and EGGS OF GOMORHH.



Flotsam and Jetsam just arrived in Frankfurt – Germany today. Tour start is tomorrow in Strasskirchen and together with Dew-Scented and Izegrim they will play club shows and festivals in Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Austria.

After this nightliner production Flotsam and Jetsam will continue alone and perform some additional shows in Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

ENTRAILS signs with District 19

The Swedish old school death metal force ENTRAILS are teaming up with booking agency District 19 for exclusive European bookings. A brand new album (to be mixed & mastered by Dan Swanö!) will be released later this year via Metal Blade Records. Get in touch for more information!

On the new cooperation, ENTRAILS commented: “Today, Entrails is going one step further and is proud to join the D19 family! We see this as a new opportunity to play more shows and meet more fans out there. With a new album that soon shall be released we are fully loaded and exited to be on stage in your area!”