SIGNED: Graceless

SIGNED: Doodswens

Black Metal duo Doodswens from The Netherlands.


Postponed: SAMAEL – Passage anniversary – tour

Due to high costs for group border crossings and the fact that many countries still forbid or limit club shows. We have decided, together with the involved bands & their managements, to postpone the SAMAEL – Passage anniversary – tour, supported by DIABOLICAL to next year.

CAPRA signs with District-19!

US finest metallic hardcore band CAPRA are teaming up with District-19 for exclusive European bookings. Get in touch for more information!

Capra is a metallic hardcore band roaring out of the depths of southern Louisiana. They deliver high energy ragers with high powered rock and roll hooks inspired by Converge and Every Time I Die. Capra is currently embarking on an aggressive campaign of live shows focusing on benefits – in particular for causes surrounding drug abuse and domestic violence. Having just released their Billboard charting debut In Transmission via Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records Capra are are primed to explode!

Vektor unleash new track ‘Dead by Dawn’

Vektor’s & Cryptosis’ split EP ‘Transmissions of Chaos’ is OUT NOW! Order your (limited!) vinyl & cassette here

Listen to the new Vektor track ‘Dead by Dawn’

Vektor is:

David DiSanto – vocals & guitar
Erik Nelson – lead guitar
Stephen Coon – bass guitar
Mike Ohlson – drums

Lyric video by Aimed & Framed:


We hereby announce that ARCHGOATWHOREDOM RIFE and THEOTOXIN will go on tour together. This very intense run is scheduled for late autumn without the intention to take any prisoners. 

Finland’s finest ARCHGOAT will headline this road trip, WHOREDOM RIFE from Norway has been invited as a special guest and Austria’s THEOTOXIN will complete this brutal package, which will give new energy to Europe’s Black Metal community for sure. 

Thursday, 25/11/2021, Nova Chmelnice, Prague, CZ 

Friday, 26/11/2021, Club Seilerstrasse, Zwickau, DE 

Saturday, 27/11/2021, Braincrusher In Hell, Hirschaid, DE 

Sunday, 28/11/2021, Metropool, Enschede, NL 

Monday, 29/11/2021, De Kreun, Kortrijk, BE 

Tuesday, 30/11/2021, Live Music Hall, Mörlenbach, DE 

Wednesday, 1/12/2021, Turock, Essen, DE 

Thursday, 2/12/2021, Schuur, Luzern, CH 

Friday, 3/12/2021, Goldgrube, Kassel, DE 

Saturday, 4/12/2021, Celebrare Noctem, Wels, AT 

Sunday, 5/12/2021, Slaughter, Paderno, IT 

Monday, 6/12/2021, L’Amperage, Grenoble, FR 

Tuesday, 7/12/2021, Le Rex, Toulouse, FR 

Wednesday, 8/12/2021, Petit Bain, Paris, FR 

Thursday, 9/12/2021, Effenaar, Eindhoven, NL 

Friday, 10/12/2021, De Mortem Et Diabolum, Berlin, DE 

Sunday, 12/12/2021, Kwadrat, Krakow, PL 


ARCHGOAT (Debemur Morti): 

WHOREDOM RIFE (Terratur Possession): 

THEOTOXIN (AOP Records):  


SAMAEL Forces,
We’re proud to announce that in September and October, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of «Passage», SAMAEL will be performing the album in its entirety plus other material past and present.
They’ll be visiting 18 cities in 10 countries and they’re looking forward to seeing you all then.
DIABOLICAL from Sweden will be supporting them on all the dates.

29.09.21 : Instant, Budapest (HU)

30.09.21 : Melodka, Brno (CZ)

01.10.21 : ORWO Haus, Berlin (DE)

02.10.21 : Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)

03.10.21 : Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)

04.10.21 : Kulturfabrik, Esh-Sur-Alzette (LU)

05.10.21 : Backstage, München (DE)

06.10.21 : Eventhall Airport, Regensburg (DE)

07.10.21 : Revolver, San Dona Di Piave (IT)

08.10.21 : CCO, Villeurbanne-Lyon (FR)

09.10.21 : Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon (CH)

10.10.21 : Petit Bain, Paris (FR)

11.10.21 : Warehouse, Nantes (FR)

12.10.21 : Muziekodroom, Hasselt (BE)

13.10.21 : Turock, Essen (DE)

14.10.21 : Hellraiser, Leipzig (DE)

15.10.21 : From Hell, Erfurt (DE)

16.10.21 : Kwadrat, Krakow (PL)

Presented by: Metal Hammer

Touring agent: District 19

Management: Photograve Management

CRYPTOSIS – Release Single & Video To Transcendence

Dutch futuristic multi-metal eruption CRYPTOSIS proudly present you the official video to ‘Transcendence’. The video – produced by Aimed & Framed – can be viewed here.

CRYPTOSIS comments: “In 2149 it is possible to purchase digital thoughts, knowledge and talents from a deceased person. The term “self investment” has shifted to a whole different kind of perspective. People can now enhance their mind to be more creative and smarter beyond their wildest dreams. This all comes at a price, since the new technology is so addictive that society can’t live without it anymore. Mankind has become the host… of a parasite.”
The band’s debut album “Bionic Swarm” hits the stores on March 26th. The album – to be released by Century Media Records – will be available in the following formats and can be pre – ordered here!

  • Ltd. CD Digipak – all outlets
  • Gatefold black LP+CD – all outlets
  • Gatefold neon yellow LP+CD – District 19 Shop (200 LPs) 
  • Gatefold dark green LP+CD – CM EU Onlineshop (200 LPs) 
  • Gatefold red LP+CD – Band Shop (200 LPs) 
  • Gatefold golden LP+CD –EMP Nuclear Blast (100/100 LPs) 
  • Digital Album – all platforms

Bionic Swarm track list:

  1. Overture 2149
  2. Decypher
  3. Death Technology
  4. Prospect of Immortality
  5. Transcendence
  6. Perpetual Motion
  7. Conjuring the Egoist
  8. Game of Souls
  9. Mindscape
  10. Flux Divergence

Cryptosis live dates:

  • 13.05.2021 Wonnemond Festival – Sebnitz – DE
  • 22.05.2021 Vienna Metal Meeting – Vienna – AT
  • 02.07.2021 Dokk’em Open Air – Dokkum – NL

On Tour with VEKTOR:

  • Saturday 15/05/2021, Revolver, San Donà di Piave, IT
  • Sunday 16/05/2021, Traffic, Rome, IT
  • Monday 17/05/2021, Legend, Milan, IT
  • Tuesday 18/05/2021, Rockhouse, Salzburg, AT
  • Wednesday 19/05/2021, Junkyard, Dortmund, DE
  • Thursday 20/05/2021, Goldgrube, Kassel, DE
  • Friday 21/05/2021, Eventhall Airport, Regensburg, DE
  • Saturday 22/05/2021, Vienna Metal Meeting, Vienna, AT
  • Sunday 23/05/2021, Rockfabrik, Bruchsal, DE
  • Tuesday 25/05/2021, Schuur, Luzern, CH
  • Wednesday 26/05/2021, Rock ‘n Eat Live, Lyon, FR
  • Thursday 27/05/2021, Boveda, Barcelona, ES
  • Friday 28/05/2021, Garaje, Murcia, ES
  • Saturday 29/05/2021, Caracol, Madrid, ES
  • Sunday 30/05/2021, LAV Room 2, Lisbon, PT
  • Monday 31/05/2021, Stage Live, Bilbao, ES
  • Tuesday 01/06/2021, Ferrailleur, Nantes, FR
  • Wednesday 02/06/2021, Backstage, Paris, FR
  • Thursday 03/06/2021, Willemeen, Arnhem, NL
  • Friday 04/06/2021, Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL
  • Saturday 05/06/2021, Entrepot, Arlon, BE
  • Sunday 06/06/2021, Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, DE

Cryptosis are:

  • Laurens Houvast (vocals/guitar)
  • Frank te Riet (bass/mellotron/backing vocals)
  • Marco Prij (drums)


  • Recording: Olaf Skoreng
  • Mix: Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED, NECROPHOBIC)
  • Master: Tony Lindgren (Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Opeth)
  • Artwork: Eliran Kantor (Testament, My Dying Bride, Soulfly)

European Draconian / Nightfall tour rescheduled to 2022

As expected, Draconian and Nightfall’s European tour has been rescheduled to 2022.

Below you find the new dates:

Thursday 10/03/2022, Hydrozagadka, Warsaw, PL

Friday 11/03/2022, Drizzly Grizzly, Gdansk, PL

Saturday 12/03/2022, Nuke, Berlin,DE

Sunday 13/03/2022, Hellraiser, Leipzig, DE

Monday 14/03/2022, Nova Chmelnice, Prague, CZ

Tuesday 15/03/2022, Eventhall Airport, Regensburg, DE

Wednesday 16/03/2022, MS Connexion Complex, Mannheim, DE

Thursday 17/03/2022, Junkyard, Dortmund, DE

Friday 18/03/2022, Kronensaal, Hamburg, DE

Saturday 19/03/2022, Metropool, Enschede, NL

Sunday 20/03/2022, Baroeg, Rotterdam, NL

Monday 21/03/2022, Zappa, Antwerpen, BE

Tuesday 22/03/2022, Ubu, Rennes, FR

Wednesday 23/03/2022, Petit Bain, Paris, FR

Thursday 24/03/2022, Werk 21, Zürich CH

Friday 25/03/2022, Slaughter Club, Paderno, IT

Saturday 26/03/2022, Revolver, San Donà di Piave, IT

Sunday 27/03/2022, Viper Room, Vienna, AT