To sweeten your start into the new working week, we are happy to present the new intermediate line-up. The tastes in Metal are wonderfully different, even if they have a lot in common: Headbanging (a dance form, as Wikipedia describes it) is just one example among many. Whether you enjoy the quieter sounds of KATATONIA or PARADISE LOST and slowly bounce your head with it or the Blackmetal faction SATYRICON and DARVAZA do the honours and rotate your neck with perceived 50Hz is up to you. Various necks and heads will look forward to variety.

With a clenched hand to the sky, fans of heavy metal can also look forward to a portion of testosterone and concentrated power listening to GRAND MAGUS. For those who like to feel the vibe of the good old Led Zeppelin check out The VINTAGE CARAVAN.

Death uber alles is CARNATION and DEATHRITE, no stone can stay on the other and we expect continuous moshpits and merciless destruction. That can top only fucking DEMOLITION fucking HAMMER fucking fuck.

With INSANITY ALERT and TANKARD we also took something with the Thrash faction among you. At the “Run to the pit”, there should be enough time to get some beer.

So we hope to have met every one of your preferences so far, if not: No fear yet is not all days evening and in September it goes on. Until then, keep “moving your head forwards and backwards, sideways, in a circle or in a figure of eight to the beat of the music”, as Wikipedia describes headbanging.