VOID DANCERS MMXIX: complete routing and latest news

With the last announcement of VOID DANCERS MMXIX being part of the Winter Days Of Metal line-up on November the 28th, the tour routing is finally completely revealed!

Find here bellow the entire routing of DODHEIMSGARD, BÖLZER, BLAZE OF PERDITION and MATTERHORN tour:

27/11/2019 Dürer Kert – Budapest (Hungary)
28/11/2019 Winter Days Of Metal (Slovenia)
29/11/2019 Majestic Music Club – Bratislava (Slovakia)
30/11/2019 FOAD FEST – Krakow (Poland)
01/12/2019 Hellraiser Leipzig – Leipzig (Germany)
02/12/2019 Markthalle-Hamburg – Hamburg (Germany)
03/12/2019 Gebr de Nobel – Leiden (The Netherlands)
04/12/2019 Hole In The Svn – Kassel (Germany)
05/12/2019 MS Connexion Complex – Mannheim (Germany)
06/12/2019 Sommercasino Basel – Basel (Switzerland)
07/12/2019 Celebrare Noctem – Wels (Austria)
08/12/2019 Helvete Pub – Club – Live Stage – Oberhausen (Germany)
09/12/2019 Petit Bain – Paris (France)
10/12/2019 The Underworld Camden – London (United Kingdom)
11/12/2019 Kavka Zappa – Antwerpen (Belgium)
12/12/2019 Eindhoven Metal Meeting Warm Up Party – Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
13/12/2019 De Mortem Et Diabolum – Berlin (Germany)
14/12/2019 U Bazyla – Poznan (Poland)
15/12/2019 Merry Christless – Warsaw (Poland)

* On 29/11/2019, at Majestic Music Club – Bratislava (Slovakia)
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY will join Dødheimsgard, Bölzer, Blaze of Perdition and Matterhorn to be part of the VOID DANCERS MMXIX line up for one amazing night to remember!