Craft at Roadburn Festival 2019

Rounding out the announcements for Tomas Lindberg’s The Burning Darkness curated event is the cult Swedish band, CRAFT. As ever, we hand over to our esteemed curator to tell us why this was such an essential pick for him…

“Craft was one of the first bands that I contacted for my announcement. I have been a big fan for a long time, and with the release of the astounding ‘White Noise and Black Metal’, it was a no brainer to include them.

“The way that they are able to still be true to their raw old school black metal sound, while stretching the boundaries of that same genre is what amazes me most. ‘White Noise and Black Metal’ is a beast; a monumental album that still grows on the listener. I have also had the pleasure of watching the band live, and At The Gates have worked together with Mikael Nox on our new album, so I am sure that they will blow us all away at Roadburn this year. I am so excited to have them as part of The Burning Darkness. Prepare to have your perception of reality scorched.”

CRAFT will perform on Friday, April 12 as part of The Burning Darkness curated event at Roadburn Festival.