Wederganger joins forces with District 19

District 19 is proud to represent Wederganger as exclusive European agent. Get in touch for more information!

WEDERGANGER commented: “It pleases WEDERGANGER to hereby announce the cooperation with DISTRICT 19 for all European conjurations.”

“Wederganger was formed in Arnhem, Gelderland, by Alfschijn, MJWW, and Botmuyl in 2013. The Dutch word “wederganger” translates as “one who walks again” (literally “again-walker”) and refers to an undead returning to the world of the living, a revenant. WEDERGANGER consists of a core of three founding members (Alfschijn, Botmuyl, MJWW) and several session members. Music and lyrics (in Dutch) are inspired by Germanic eschatology and Gueldrian folklore dealing with spirits, undeath and horror. WEDERGANGER’s style is characterized by the use of both screams and chants, and dissonant chords.”