Aeternus joins District-19

The Norwegian Dark Metal band Aeternus (Dark Essence Records) has teamed up with District-19 for exclusive European bookings. Get in touch for more information!

Aeternus-lineup picture

AETERNUS was formed by Ares in 1993 in Bergen,Norway. And with seven full length albums under their belts, AETERNUS is one of the pioneers of what the band calls “Dark Metal”, meshing the sounds of Black Metal and Death Metal with superlative guitar playing and occasional haunting, melodic interludes.

Of the original line up, only founder, guitarist and frontman Ares remains. A veteran of the prolific Bergen Music Scene, Ares has played with some of the best bands that inhabit the Black and Extreme Metal genres, including icons such as IMMORTAL and GORGOROTH.

After releasing the Demo “Walk my path” in 1994, AETERNUS got signed to View Beyond Records who released their classic “Dark Sorcery” in 1995. Ever since, AETERNUS has always delivered critically acclaimed releases, not to mention brutal and solid live shows.

20 years later, the highly anticipated seventh album “…And the Seventh his Soul Detesteth” is released, Presenting a new and solid line up with Phobos behind the drums and Specter on guitar.
In their previous incarnation AETERNUS have appeared at a big number of festivals, and toured alongside bands such as DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MAYHEM, BEHEMOTH, EMPEROR,MARDUK 1349,AURA NOIR to mention some.

Those who fondly remember the emotions that AETERNUS engendered with its music will not be disappointed. Far from it, because although the new members have brought their own fresh approach to the band, the heaviness, power and intensity that imbued AETERNUS’ music is still very much there. AETERNUS is back, and back with a vengeance.