Welcome in… DISTRICT 19!



District 19 – owned and managed by Roman Alexander Hödl – is one of Europe’s leading extreme metal booking and management agencies, representing international artists worldwide.

We book club and festival shows for the bands on our roster and are specialized in the organization of so called weekend – and nightliner tours. Occasionally we also arrange shows and full European tours for artists which are not on our current band roster, but are in need of live performances in Europe.

Besides booking we offer artist management services to a limited number of artists. With management our clients can focus on the creative part of their job while we take care of the business side of things, including negotiating  with record labels and publishing companies on the artist’s behalf.

District 19 works with professional mail software and manages a huge index of international business contacts which includes the most important media representatives. In addition, our company can help arranging digital music distribution, take care of the publishing, check endorsement options, and help you with finding competitive prices for band transports, crew, merchandising products and much more.

A selection of bands we have worked with in alphabetical order: Asphyx (NL), Bodyfarm (NL), Candlemass (SWE), Carach Angren (NL), Destruction (GER), Death Angel (USA), Dismember (SWE), Enslaved (NOR), Entombed (SWE), Grave (SWE),  Hail Of Bullets (NL), Impaled Nazarene (FIN), Izegrim (NL), Jon Oliva’s Pain (USA), King Diamond (USA), Marduk (SWE), Mother Misery (SWE), Obituary (USA), Pestilence (NL), Primordial (IER), Pungent Stench (AUT). Sinister (NL), Spock’s Beard (USA), Tankard (GER), Unleashed (SWE).

We book exclusively for the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, which will this year be held on 12th and 13th December 2014 in Eindhoven – The Netherlands.